five things: nov 10 - 16

it has been a bit of a somber day around here as i got some sad news last night. sometimes you have to fake it because life still moves forward - you still have to go to work and act functional. here are five quick things from my week that cheer me up.  

1. bedroom updates - new lamp and comfy faux fur blanket to cozy up our room

five things nov 10-16 | madeline made

2. new mint mousepad - love my new mint mousepad for my desk from

3. grilled cheese and tomato soup - it is finally the season for this classic combo

4. clearance sale at target + fur stool - i found lot of fun (nate berkus) clearance items and saw this tiny stool that i think i can make a diy version of myself

five things nov 10-16 | madeline made

5. james blake's overgrown album - if you don't know him yet, you need to. especially the song retrograde, but the whole album is great