things of late

hi friends... i am going to act like i haven't neglected you all for the past month and a half...and just pick up where i left off.  how does that sound?  life has gotten busy - i am studying for my professional exams, working through taking them, and traveling for work. between these things, it seems there is not much time left in a day.

today we went for a long hike and are setting up for a fire tonight.  please excuse how old some of these photos are....i'm still catching my breath from christmas, people. let's recap since december....obviously besides our nyc trip and work.

december recap | madeline made

{christmas gifts, christmas picture, our christmas card, new/old polaroid toy}

january recap | madeline made

{happy new year, juice cleanse, flying home from nyc, open window weather}

february recap | madeline made

{outdoor movies, flowers from my valentines, leed exam studies, valentine's date}

nyc pics coming this week.  also...we can't stop watching this.

xoxo madeline