gift guide and holiday inspiration

does anyone else use pinterest for gift inspiration? i worked really hard on these gift guide pin boards...and then got too busy to post them.... but if any of you are procrastinators like me, then you still have some holiday shopping to do! follow my gifts board if you still need some inspiration for christmas or follow my holiday board for decor, party, and cocktail ideas. there are some awesome items....i would be thrilled to receive any of them!  

follow my gifts board on pinterest:

gift guide board | madeline made

also follow my holiday boardfor wrapping ideas, decorating ideas, cocktails...etc:

holiday board | madeline made

oh, and naturally follow madeline made on pinterest.

once you purchase, be sure to check out my gift wrapping essentials.

xoxo madeline

monday wishlist

online shopping is a bit of a problem for me - i love browsing pinterest at night for things I would love to add to my collection - but I have no money. it is nice to dream. the disjointed theme of today's wishlist seems to be rose gold, gold, black and a little malachite. i love all of these looks for the season and just bought a similar parka at asos. enjoy fall shopping!